3D Letters

Multidimensional letters are the latest way of displaying content. It is considered as a modern way of promoting a brand. 3D letter signs have a number of applications. We help businesses and individuals in selecting the right form of signs. 3D letter sign is one of our proud product. We have already served many businesses with incredible 3D signs. It’s time for you to get 3D signs for your business. Call A Sign Promotion to get carefully designed and affordable 3D letter signs in Edmonton.



An acrylic is a modern form of signage. A fine plastic material is used to design sophisticated signs. Acrylic signs are very durable and colorful. Demand for acrylic signs has been growing day by day. Some of the applications of acrylic signs are Building signs, Manu display. Exhibition signs, Badges and nameplates. Our team has years of experience in producing acrylic signs for institutes, hotels, offices and other important places. Save your time and money and get highly durable acrylic signs today.

Metal Letters

Metal signs are a durable and weather-resistant, used largely for outdoor purposes. A design, logo or text is printed on a metal to produce a metal sign. Some of the application of metal letter signs are parking and warning signs, real estate signs, and business signs Printing a logo or symbol on a metal requires professional service. A Sign Promotion prints logos, symbols, text and other patterns on metals in a reliable way. If you are looking for durable signage solutions, metal signs are your best bet.


Plastic Formed

The plastic sheet is a great material to create cheap signs. Coroplast is a versatile material which comes in many colors and sizes. It is cheap and recyclable. Coroplast signs are considered ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Coroplast signs allow you to display special events, point-of-purchase signs, and promotional activities. A Sign Promotion is considered one of the best sign companies which produce coroplast signs in Edmonton. You can hang, frame or mount coroplast signs. We listen carefully to your needs and take that all into consideration when creating your coroplast signs.

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