6 Types of Wall Decals To Choose From

Wall decals allow businesses to transform the walls of their office or house. It’s a very modern and interactive way of branding, especially for the employees. It’s not only the walls of your office and business that can be adorned with wall decals but also you can give your homes a trendy look by applying any graphics of your liking on the walls of your bedrooms, living rooms or any other wall of your choice.

There are six different types of wall graphics that you can choose from. Let’s have a look at these types below;

Typical Wall Cutouts

Let’s start with the very basic and most common type of wall graphic. It’s a cut out of any design that’s mostly used by businesses as the borders of the walls. These are used to enhance the look of walls which are simple and boring without it. These wall graphics are available in different sizes and shapes to suit your likings and requirements. These graphics can also be applied on glass walls and glass doors etc.


If you want to add a more artistic touch to the walls of your premises and wall cutouts don’t cut it, you should go for a mural. These kinds of wall decals offer you a more imposing and exciting way of decorating your walls. These graphics are applied when the client wants the entire wall to be covered. In older times, murals were used all the time for decoration, such as in Persian or Mycenaean friezes.

In the modern world, however, murals are also used for marketing, branding and advertising purposes. This phenomenon has made murals a very popular type of wall decal. An additional purpose of murals nowadays is informational, used in museums and schools.

Stickers made of vinyl

Vinyl stickers are another type of wall decals that you might choose. These are cut out stickers that come in varying sizes. It’s recommendable to use smaller sizes of vinyl stickers because these stickers have a tendency of stretching and tearing with time.

These stickers are multipurpose as you can use them in your offices and homes for personal usage. Unlike some other types of wall decals, these are not just limited to branding a business but also can bring life to your home’s lifeless walls.

Traditional Decals

PVC plastic is used to make these decals common and are still pretty much in use. These decals are actually cutouts in a single color. Mostly a vinyl cutter or a laser is used to cut these decals. These decals are often printed over vinyl and then are cut out. These are suitable graphics to use when there is only one color required to be used in the vinyl.

Block-cut vinyl

If traditional decals that come in one color don’t appeal to you and you not only want more colors but also different finishes, then block-cut vinyl is the best option for you. It offers a metallic, mirror, and glittery look to your walls. You can choose any texture or finish of your choice for these.

Fabric wall graphic

If you’ve ever wondered whether your walls can look like your floor by having a fabric applied to it, the answer is that it is indeed possible. By selecting the fabric wall graphic you can give your walls a fabric look. These decals are made of non-PVC material.

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