What do you think the largest corporations have in common with medium and small size businesses? They leverage the power of vehicle graphics to boost sales and promote brands; vehicle graphics allow businesses, whether small or large, to create brand awareness through one of the most cost-effective forms of offline advertising.

How vehicle graphics work

Vehicle graphics are mobile billboards digitally designed, printed and installed on a company vehicle. Depending on needs and requirements, you can either cover your entire vehicle or a small part of it. Vehicle graphics is a form of signage implemented to achieve marketing goals within a limited budget. Whether you have a single vehicle or a fleet, you can have vehicle wraps or heavy-duty vinyl professionally installed on cars, trucks, etc.

Vehicle graphics should be professionally designed and installed so that they can get noticed by thousands of prospective customers every day. The effectiveness of your vehicle advertising campaign entirely depends on the way you present your brand message.

Cost-effective advertising strategy

According to a survey, vehicle graphics are one of the least expensive marketing strategies. Small businesses cannot afford to spend on advertising their products on TV or other expensive marketing channels. Considering the reach, visibility, and output, vehicle graphics are among the most cost-effective advertising solutions. It will cost you about 4 cents to generate one thousand impressions. Depending on the area vehicles cover or how far they are driven, a truck or car equipped with vehicle graphics can reach 20,000 to 60,000 consumers every day.


There are certain techniques to enhance the effectiveness and utility of vehicle graphics. First of all, your signage should always reflect your brand message. Small businesses often ignore brand elements while designing signage, which is a bad approach. To produce the maximum results, make sure your brand is the most attractive part of your vehicle.

People have little over 2 seconds to view your message. Which means your message should be engaging and precise enough to grab the attention of viewers quickly. Keep the text as short and eye-catching as possible to make a big difference. Besides, you can add your contact info.

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