Design Tips for Creating High-ROI Signs

We talk a lot about the benefits of advertising a business on the internet. But when it comes to attracting new customers, sometimes a traditional sign can get the job done for you. More than 50% of small business owners find indoor signage as an effective technique to get new customers without spending too much money.

It is the creativity in graphics and signs that grabs people’s attention and makes them visit a store. Regardless of the nature of your business, the way you design your advertising signs can have a great influence on your ability to grab more customers.

A sign well-linked to your brand and overall marketing can make people, who do not intend to buy products and services you offer, visit your store and make purchase decisions. It is a fact that people sometimes make purchase decisions after reading a sign. In order to let this happen, keep the following tips in mind when designing graphics, decals, indoor/outdoor signs for your business:

1. Relevant colors

Colors play a central role in creating a brand’s identity. People make up their minds within seconds of their first interaction with a product. A considerate use of colors can help you not only to differentiate yourself from your competitors but also to create an experience – negative or positive. It is important for a business owner to understand the psychological impact of colors and how colors form attitudes.

2. Readability

It’s the contrast between the text in the foreground and background color which determines the readability of a sign. Contrast, therefore, is a critical factor that should be given due attention. Choose a combination of colors that enhance the readability of a sign. Bordering text or graphics can also improve the reading speed.

3. Size

There is a number of factors that determine whether or not a sign is result-driven. Size is one of them. Give special attention to the size of all the elements on your signs especially when you create roadside signage. A basic rule is that the larger the letter, the easier it is to read.

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