Top Elements To Consider When Designing A Sign Or A Decal

A sign or a decal must have some elements to ensure its effectiveness and functionality. Designing a sign or a decal requires care and consideration to make it appealing, practical, and functional. Often, graphic designers forget about the basic functionality of a sign when focusing on the creative aspect.


The most significant thing is to keep the readability of your sign or decal high. This is the essential function of a decal. If your audience can’t clearly read your brand name or message, they can’t react. Consequently, they wouldn’t get engaged with your business.

The sign or decal you get for your business needs to be readable. After that consider the other elements, which are equally essential but must be considered without compromising the readability.


The sign and decal of your business must look relevant to the nature of your business. It must reflect some or all the elements of your business. An irrelevant sign will not serve the purpose of conveying your message. The audience will not be able to relate the sign with your business, products, and services.


When you hire a professional sign company’s services to get a sign or a decal for your business, one thing you expect is some creativity. It is a must for a sign or decal to have at least some level of creativity. Professional designers and sign experts know how to balance the different elements of a sign and decal.


To enhance the readability of your sign or a decal, placement also plays a vital role. If you put a readable, relevant, and creatively designed decal in a place where nobody can see it, it will remain unreadable for them.

For a sign or a decal to be readable, it needs to be visible first. You must put thought behind the selection of the site you choose for your sign. The sign installed at the site must have maximum exposure to the general audience. You must also keep your target audience in mind when selecting the site for your sign.

For example, if your business is all about men’s items, putting your sign in front of a women’s beauty salon is not a good idea. It is not likely to do anything good for your business.

Abstract Element

Keeping the readability of your sign does not mean that there must not be any attempt from the designers to include an abstract art element. The art of graphic designing is all about balancing the elements mentioned above in this blog.

The sign and decal of your business must be direct enough to enable your audience to relate it with your brand. On the other hand, your sign must have some abstract element in it to keep the creative heads interpreting what your sign depicts.

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