Great Design: A Key To Effective Signage Advertising

Signage is a great advertising tool that has been helping all kinds of businesses with their advertising goals. Developing excellent signs that comfortably meet the needs of a business starts with the great design. As a business owner, you should be able to communicate your idea, message and objectives to your signage provider. It is not recommended to use signs just for the sake of using signs. There must be a clear direction and purpose that explain why you want signs for your business. Pay special attention to the design process if you want to create signs with higher ROI. Following are some of the tips that can help you design a perfect set of signs for your business:

Be clear about the purpose

It is hard to find two identical businesses. Your business is unique and has unique purpose and mission. When designing decals, banners, wall graphics, or any other form of signage for your business, make sure your design represents your business well. There are certain questions that must be addressed before developing a concept. It will streamline the entire design process for your signage contractor.

Understand the environment

Understanding the environment in which your signs will operate makes it easy for a designer to utilize contrasting colors in a better way. Where are you going to place or install your signs? Will it be placed near busy traffic or on a grass near a sidewalk? Are you going to develop a design for all kinds of environments? Elaborating these questions will help you build better signs for your business.

Make good use of contrasting colors

Color is a great tool to highlight important elements on a sign. Safe and friendly colors can be used to make a sign feasible for a wide variety of environments. Only a good designer can help you identify the right colors for your signage. Nonetheless, you should be consistent with your branding elements. Every sign, whether a vehicle graphic or truck decal, should be a reflection of what your brand stands for.

In this technology-centric, fast moving world, we often talk about advertising and digital marketing. But when it comes to actually winning people’s attention, a good, old-fashioned sign often gets the work done. More than half of small business owners are of the opinion that in-store signs and graphics are very effective in attracting customers.

At A Sign Promotion, we design and produce state-of-the-art signage products for businesses in Edmonton. Our designers put great emphasis on creating attractive and profitable designs for our clients. If you are in Edmonton and looking for a creative and reliable sign company, feel free to discuss your project with us.