How Can A Business Benefit From Window Graphics?

Are you making the most out of your windows? Windows provide natural light that enables people to work better and is often considered a perk of a business area. Besides providing light, windows can also be used as an effective marketing source for a business. The windows of your office or storefront allow you to show off, grab people’s attention, and convince them to come inside.

One way to perk up the presence of your business’s windows is by using window graphics. Windows graphics announce your presence to the world and can provide promotional information and other details about your business. In some cases, window graphics offer passersby something to marvel at and make them visit your store or at least remember it for next time.

Here are some of the ways you can use window graphics to enhance your business.

What Are Window Graphics?

Window graphics are signage and advertising products that attach directly to the window. Typically, they are made of a vinyl film that either clings to or adheres to the surface without damaging it. Window graphics come in different types, colors, and sizes. They are fully customizable, so you can make them work and look exactly the way you need.

Types Of Vinyl Window Graphics

One way window graphics differ from each other is by the film used to create them. Some different vinyl film types include:

Transparent Films

These are completely see-through films. They can be printed with text or graphics. When printed only the colored part of the film or graphic is visible. The rest of the film is embedded with glass.

Perforated Film

These films are also known as one-way-vision films. The perforated films allow people to see out of the window but not in. The window is covered with a graphic, but the small hole in the film allows people inside the building to see outside. Perforated films are often used on the windows of vehicles like buses or car wraps.

Opaque Films

Just like opaque glass, these films are not see-through. They are often a solid color, such as white. The graphics or text are printed on the film and attached to the window. Any part of the film that is not printed is visible on the window in the films’ form.

Translucent Films

Translucent films are similar to transparent films but are designed to be backlit. They are best for dark places and nighttime as they are visible in dark.

Top Benefits Of Window Graphics

Using window graphics can deliver multiple benefits to your business. They can help attract more customers ultimately increasing the profitability of your business. Some of the benefits that window graphics can offer your business include:


Whether you chose a window decal or graphics, window graphics tend to be a flexible option. You are not forced to use the same graphics year-in and year-out. Window graphics are easy to remove and reposition, they can be created and changed more frequently as compared to other types of graphics.

Built-in Advertising

Window graphics offer an ideal way to let the world know about your business. Additionally, the graphics let your potential and existing customers know about your business, what you do and what your business is about. Once you add graphics to the windows of your business it will continuously perform its advertising job even out of business hours and during holiday periods.

Timely Messages

Windows graphics are perfect for temporary signage. They allow you to highlight current sales and temporary offers. You can also change your window graphics seasonally or according to any social or festive occasion.

Greater Privacy

Along with advertising, window graphics can serve other practical purposes such as providing greater privacy to your workplace. You can opt for crystal films and frosted glass to cover the parts of your workplace which you don’t want passersby to see.

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