How to Engage Customers Through Engaging Signs


Signage can have a big impact on how you educate and attract new customers. However, this advertising channel demands a well-thought-out strategy. A business cannot overrule the utility of on-premise signs even if it can afford to advertise on TV, radio, the internet and other expensive advertising channels.

An active salesperson

Signs have the potential to achieve multiple advertising objectives from brand awareness and brand consistency to customer care and lead generations. As a business owner, take your in-store signage as a salesperson who cannot communicate verbally but have the ability to deliver your message effectively. Therefore, keep your in-store signage clean, visually appealing, and presentable.

Let’s consider some of the stats in order to understand what positive changes signs can bring to a business:

  • 8 out of 10 brands witnessed up to 33% of increase in sales by using signage.
  • 68% of American consumers have made a purchase decision because a sign caught their attention
  • One additional on-premise sign results in a considerable increase in annual sales revenue of 4.70%
  • 68% of customers are of the opinion that signage reflects the quality of a business.

Engaging commercial signs drive sales

This is true that people sometimes make an unplanned purchase after seeing an appealing sign. If your business can experience an increase in revenue by using just one sign, imagine how much revenue you can generate by using a variety of signs from creative graphics and banners to wall decals and vehicle graphics. The more aesthetically appealing your signage is, the more likely your customers will promote your business through word of mouth.

Local advertising

Most of the local businesses can find their new customers in the street. The message delivered on the street reaches people who are most likely to make a purchase. Street advertising helps local consumer develop a memory of your business, products and services. In this way, you can build the image of your business and bring in a large number of new customers to your business. Signage should be an integral part of your advertising along with other advertising channels. Here are some of the characteristics of sign advertising:

  • Signs deliver your brand message repeatedly and 24/7 which will help you establish the image of your business in the local market.
  • The audience of your signage will be the people living in your trade area.
  • Signs are inexpensive; small businesses can afford to use them as an effective way to increase their sales.

Many businesses just use signage without knowing their basic functions and how they should be used in a profitable way. So make sure you are clear about your advertising goals, interests, and needs of your audience before buying a sign for your business. A Sign Promotion has been delivering highly engaging and result-driven decals, wraps, wall graphics, storefronts, and other forms of signage in Edmonton for many years. Give us a quick call to know more about our business!