How To Use Signs To Encourage Social Distancing

Despite the ease of lockdown restrictions, businesses are recommended to practice social distancing measures to avoid the likelihood of another virus surge and lockdown. These measures are becoming an integral part of doing business and will continue to be practiced even in the coming months.

With many businesses resuming their operations, consumers are happy to resume their social lives in this new “normal” and be able to enjoy their time in a less crowded space when out. Here businesses play a vital role in ensuring the safety of their customers by encouraging social distancing through creative signs.

To find out more about how you can use signs to encourage social distancing in your business, continue reading our blog.

Queue Signs

One way the pandemic has changed in-store experiences is how customers stand in line. Many shop-owners use tape or graphics to mark out 6-foot increments on the shop’s floor to promote social distancing while waiting in queues. This is also used as a branding opportunity by some stores to market their brands logo, colors, and messaging into graphics. It’s a more creative approach than the generic, austere “Stand Here” signs that you might have seen in various locations.

However, the main goal is still the same: promote social distancing in crowded places where there is a higher risk of people coming in close contact.

Signs For High-Touch Items

To prevent the risk of cross-contamination and exposure to viruses, you must practice social distancing and maintain a physical distance from the various surfaces and each other. Although COVID-19 is known to spread mainly through droplets in the air, you must remain mindful of the things you come in contact with while venturing in public. It is good practice to step up disinfection and sanitization efforts to create a safer environment for your customers around the clock.

One way to achieve this is by using signs to inform your customers about high-touch areas in your business. For example, if you are a cafe owner, then you can add mats to the counters to indicate that it is a high-touch surface. When people see these signs, they may think twice about touching the surface and adding germs to it.

Sanitization Signs

An increasing number of businesses have shown their customers behind the scenes efforts to give them a safe and clean environment upon visiting. You may have seen small signs on different surfaces in some stores that indicate areas recently disinfected and cleaned. For example, you may have seen small place cards on each table in a fast-food place that tells you that the surface has been sanitized and is safe to touch. Practicing this will show your customers that you prioritize their safety and are ready to serve them.

Mask Requirement Signs

Some businesses encourage their customers to wear masks before entering their premises, while others require them to avail their surfaces. Posting a sign that clearly states the mask requirement for entering your store will set the right expectations for your visitors.

Directional Signage

Many retail stores and shopping centers use wall graphics or floor decals for crowd control to ensure limited contact with others. For this purpose, you can use signage to indicate one-way aisle traffic and separate doors for entry and exit.

Signage has always been an effective method to get any message across. It will surely grab attention because it contains essential information such as directions and important details that can affect your experience in that place, whether it’s a restaurant, a shopping mall, or a bus station where large numbers of people gather.

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