An Introduction To Retractable Banner Stands

Want a signage solution that is cost-effective, versatile, easy to use, and durable? Then retractable banners are what you are looking for. This blog explains everything you need to know about these banners, before using them for your business.

What Are Retractable Banners?

Banners are the advertising tools that are used to brand, promote, or market a business’ message, logo, or other things. Often used as an outdoor advertising tool, banners are used by businesses in trade shows, billboards, events, etc. however, moving with portable marketing tools is not easy.

So, to make their jobs easier marketers use retractable banner stands. These banner stands work on a retracting mechanism. The banner is placed on a base often known as a housing. They are then rolled around a base using a mechanical spring. The tension in the string increases when the banner reaches its maximum height and stands in the display. The exact process is repeated in reverse when the banner is closed in the base again.

How Do Businesses Use Retractable Banners?

Businesses use retractable banners for various purposes and locations including event venues, retail stores, and lobbies. Some of the common ways businesses use these banners are:

Presentation Signage

The portable nature of the retractable banners makes them a perfect fit for presentation and meeting venues. Using these you can add graphics and branded images in your presentation environment and better portray your message.

Point Of Purchase Signage

The best possible use of retractable banners is at the point of purchase. You can add graphics and images highlighting the features of your product and place it near the selling point. They attract and encourage people to buy your product. These customizable retractable banners can advertise new products in your store.

Event Signage

When you go to an exhibition, seminar, or even a concert you see tall standing banners showing the theme, message, moto, or the artist performing. These are retractable banners. Businesses use them in trade events to stand out and highlight their company. This helps to separate your company from the competition.

Businesses simply display retractable banners in different points of the event arena and use them to guide their customers to their booth and make their presence felt.

Benefits Of Retractable Banner Stands


If you are looking for signage that is high quality but also comes at an affordable price, retractable banner stands are an ideal choice. The portable banners are relatively inexpensive as compared to other signages. At A Sign Promotion, we make affordable retractable banners at an affordable price and with attractive designs.


Using retractable banner stands you can rest assured that you’ll be able to adjust your graphics according to the requirements of your display area. They have adjustable heights and now even enable you to change the graphics. This feature enables brands to change the graphics and messages on display according to the season, festival, or event.

Easy Transport

When it comes to the transport of the advertising tools, the comfort and convenience offered by retractable banners are unmatched. The base holds the graphics safely and their compact nature makes mobility even easier.

They allow you to enjoy peace of mind that your graphics won’t be damaged during transportation. The base or housing of these stands protect the graphics from spills, dust, wrinkling, tearing, and other damages they may face during transportation.

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A Sign Promotion deals with every type of banner, decal, wrap, and other signages, to help you promote your brand or business effectively and efficiently. We make retractable banners in creative designs at affordable prices. Our banners can surely help you stand out in any trade show, event, or conference.