A fruitful investment indeed! An organic-food delivery service uses a vehicle which has a plastic banana installed on its roof. Wherever the vehicle, one of eight, travels, it is sure to start a conversation and turn heads. The big banana catches so much attention that it automatically becomes a brand fortifier. The owner of the company says it’s the best piece of marketing they have ever done! It is operated to ensure the timely delivery of goods to clientele so it makes a lot of trips on any working day. Each time the vehicle drives out, it’s campaigning for the business along with satisfying patrons who rely on the business for its quality edibles.

The whole cost of the big banana and the wrap complete with address, contact, and email was a fair investment but the response it gets is worth so much more. The business owner boasts that the business has seen a significant increase in revenue since the launch of the banana vehicle wrap. Wise decision and why wouldn’t it be? New customer registration surveys the business conducted confirmed it by the direct result of the vehicle’s visual presence. A symbol of a productivity and smart investment, vehicle wraps are an excellent choice for investing your marketing dollars. A drivable billboard, a movable advertisement, and a business asset all rolled into one, company cars can become a marketing campaign with the right kind of advertisements in the form of wraps and vehicle graphics.

Instantly, vehicles can become a visual sensation which speaks on behalf of the business it represents. With enhanced visibility, a business can stand out while increasing its awareness with its fleet whenever any vehicles leave for a job. For small to medium sized businesses, the benefits received from using this form of advertisement are great and here are some key areas to highlight.

Traffic Branding

A professional car-wrap is always noticed while stuck in traffic, for example. Heads turn and some even smile at the glimpse of the unit. People behind the car also view it, so do pedestrians walking on the road which means it is an excellent source for businesses to create a great amount of exposure.

Mobile Highway Billboard

When hitting the highway, exposure is broadened over a larger geographical area. Roadside advertisement, radio or television airtime may cost way more than a gallon of gas making it a comparatively much cheaper avenue of effective marketing dollars spent. Spreading the word is what this does and what better way than hopping on to the highway!

Longest Form of Advertisement

Due to the excellent return on investment, it is no wonder why it’s preferred by many business owners. Without the need for removal or changing the design, even a partial wrap can be just as effective, depending on the type of business it is or what the requirements are of a particular brand.

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