Reasons Why Reception Signage Is Important For Your Office

The reception area in an office is heavily used to greet the company’s clients and visitors. But, can it be used for any other purpose – one that could positively impact the company’s marketing strategy?

Office reception signage or lobby signs are an essential part of the company’s greeting policy and are an indispensable part of any organization’s reception area. They provide a tremendous opportunity to help the visitors remember a company long after they have left the location and also set the initial tone for clients, visitors, and employees. If the signage is done right, it can significantly impact a company’s branding strategy and among the customers, create a feeling of professionalism, competence, and creativity.

Below, we discuss several other benefits of lobby signs and how they can help convert your visitors into repeat customers.

Great First Impression

Every time someone walks into your office or storefront, the first thing they notice is the reception area. However, if that wall behind your reception desk is bland and empty, then you’re hurting your company’s reputation more than you can imagine.

Visitors, subconsciously, value reception wall signs a lot. When they enter through a company’s door, they are uncertain about the quality of your product or service and whether you’re worth their time and money. But, when they see a custom-made, beautiful reception sign on your entrance wall, it can put their mind at ease and lets them know that they’re in the right place.

Professional signage creates a powerful first impression and shows the customers that you take pride in what your business stands for.

Showcases Your Authority

Interior wall graphics, including reception wall signs, can help your business establish authority in the field you’re operating in.

For example, if you have a bland office, your customers might feel that you’re just like any other business and you’re not an expert in the market. If you invest in your office interior and lobby signage, however, the customers would be able to see that you make it a priority to invest in your company and that you must be well-established and authoritative.

This way, professional signage will reassure your new clients that you are an expert provider that they can trust and you’ll be able to provide them with the services they need, for as long as they want.

Distinctive Branding

By including your logo and brand color in your reception wall signage, you can send out a strong message about your company’s identity to everyone who visits your office. This way, you can build your brand awareness and position your company as a long-term contender in the industry, making your customers choose you over your competitors the next time they need your product or service.

Reception signage also increases your company’s visibility. As the more times, a potential customer views your brand name and logo, the more likely he will be to purchase from you.

Opportunity To Be Creative

Since each reception signage is custom made, when it comes to its design, the choices become endless. Nevertheless, you can use this opportunity to show your clients your creativity. You can also use signage to tell your brand story to your clients. For example, you can make the lettering rustic or cozy, colorful and friendly, or poise and modern. Whatever is it that you want to tell your potential clients about your brand, you can say it with the right office reception signage.

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