Relevance Of Traditional Exterior Signs

A recent study revealed that traditional outdoor retail signs such as banners and shop front signs play a significant role when people make shopping decisions while in their vehicles. Outdoor signage viewers frequently shop on their way home from work. Sometimes people make shopping decisions after reading a sign; people often visit a store because of the message being displayed on an outdoor sign.

Since the inception of the internet, people have been predicting the demise of traditional advertising. While people are increasingly consuming digital content, traditional signs haven’t ceased to be effective. Every business whether small or large relies heavily on both indoor and outdoor signage. Therefore, it’s wise not to undermine the significance of traditional signs. However, you need appealing signs to attract customers roaming around your business.

Outdoor/exterior signage

The function of business signs is to identify a business so that prospects are able to locate it. However, signage is not all about helping customers locate a business; triggering consumers impulse to make a purchase is probably one of the most critical functions of outdoor business signs. Thus, signage has a vital role to play when it comes to driving sales.

Banners and outdoor graphics also help the business community make commercial areas more lively and cheerful. However, it’s important to use colors, light, and visually appealing graphics in a creative manner. A simple sign such as a decal can make the customer experience more joyful provided you know how to design and place signs effectively.

As long as there have been brick and mortar businesses, signage will continue to exist and evolve to meet emerging market demands. Brands have relied on signs to make their presence felt and they will continue to do so.


Most people think of the internet when they hear the term banner advertising. Businesses have been using banners for centuries to promote products, services, events, stores, etc. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of signs:

1. Increased traffic

Placed outside shops and business, outdoor signage encourages customers to stop by and take a look at their products and/or services. From brand awareness to driving new traffic, exterior signs/graphics provide numerous benefits. When placed to promote a marketing event or exhibition, simple signs can produce great results.

2. Selling specific products

Banners, window graphics, and storefronts are great tools to promote specific products. The way exterior signs advertise your message is similar to that of inbound online marketing. You can use banners and decals to promote certain products and divert traffic from your competitor’s business to yours.

Take advantage of signage and increase your revenue. Hire an innovative signage company to get custom exterior signs for your shop or company.

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