Sidewalk Signs: Types And Applications

Advertising signs that are directly in line of your potential customers’ sight can make a great difference. People sometimes walk up or down the sidewalk without taking a look at your business. Sidewalk signage is the best solution to grab the attention of potential customers who walk by your business indifferently. It is the best way to announce enticing discounts and sales and driving people into your store. A-boards, sandwich boards, pavement signs, chalkboard signs, are some of the traditional types of sidewalk signage. Let’s take a look at the following sidewalk sign categories:


Plastic sidewalk sign is traditional folding A-board type display made out of rugged polyethylene. Since outdoor signage has to withstand the tough exterior environment, plastic sidewalks is a good option for parking lots, construction areas, garages, etc.


As compared to plastic sidewalks, metal signs offer better styling in their overall presentation. Steel A-board is a kind of metal display that comes with magnetic lenses. This type of display is used to present posters behind clear protective lenses.


Winds can ruin your idea of advertising products and services through sidewalk signs. Wind-resistant signage is necessary for a business that depends largely upon its outdoor advertising. If your business is prone to windy conditions, heavy wind-resistant sidewalks will keep your display upright and stable.

Changeable letter boards

Changeable letter board is a creative advertising tool that enables retailers to create custom and easy-to-read advertising messages for their audiences. Sets of numbers, letters, and symbols can be used as many times as you want to skyrocket your marketing campaign.

Real estate A-frames

Portable signs offer a great way to advertise real estate. It is super easy to carry and set up a folding A-board to your property. The applications of sidewalk signs are diverse. From promotional to educational and safety, sidewalk signs can be used for various advertising applications.

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