Are Signs Still Important In The Era Of Digital Marketing?

Signage has ruled the marketing world throughout history. However, with businesses inclining their market strategies towards digital marketing, signage has become just another task to complete. This is very unfortunate, as statistics show that signage is still an important business decision.

Modern marketing and advertising agencies pay most attention to online marketing and force owners to invest in internet fads, websites, mobile apps, and other unproven marketing methods. No doubt, digital marketing is the need of the hour but the importance of signage even in the modern era can’t be overlooked.

Various marketing analysis shows that a major portion of leads, customers, and sales is still brought by traditional marketing methods like exterior signage, retractable banners, point of purchase, and wall graphics.

This blog discusses the factors that help signage maintain its relevance in the modern digital marketing era.

Why Are Signs So Important?

Signs hold undeniable power in the business world. Intentionally or unintentionally we all come across signs on a daily basis, from a signboard showing directions to the signage that leads you to discover new places. Signs are a convenient way of communication between a business and its potential customers. Without proper signage, your business is nothing but a lost pearl in the ocean of companies that people walk past every day.

Signage works best in providing a quick glimpse of your product or service to the people. They also help your customers assess whether they feel comfortable trading with your business or not.

The Benefits Of Business Signage

Help People Find Your Business

You must be thinking why create signs when people can locate your business on google maps. Yes, people can find any location they want using google maps. However, research and surveys show that 90% of people drive past their target place due to the signage being too small or simply just not being there.

So, if your customers were to reach your area using google maps, but you don’t have any signage or your signs are inappropriate and poorly made, your customers may start looking at your competitors across the way. Hence, a lack of signage can make you lose sales and customers.

Silent Salesperson

Once you place your signage strategically, it becomes your silent salesperson that works without breaks. Both interior and exterior signage guide your customers about your location, product specifications, and provide navigation across products. Nicely made interior signage can produce impulse sales for a product that might have otherwise gone unnoticed by the customer.

Signage Keeps You In Front Of Customers

Any business that has a physical outlet or a display store cannot function without signage. Nicely made good quality signage have the following advantages:

  • They tell passers-by about who you are and what you do
  • They are the face of your business
  • They help you position your brand
  • They help you build your brand
  • Their graphics can help you develop a customized image of your brand
  • They display your message in front of the customer daily even on off days

Signs Can Generate Impulse Sales

Surprisingly, but for a matter of proven fact, most sales for a business come from unplanned impulsive spots. These spots are generally the result of attractive, effective, and appropriate signage placements.

Signage makes people buy things that they never aimed to buy or even knew they needed. Quality and clearly made signage can guide people into your store, even if it is unfamiliar to them.

Final Thoughts

Many businesses underestimate the power of traditional sign marketing. However, despite online shopping becoming a trend, 90% of retail store sales still come from their physical stores. Even the traditional and pioneer online store Amazon has moved to a brick and mortar approach.

No online marketing campaign can help your customers navigate through your physical store and make them revisit it. Your ability to provide them with convenient guidance will bring them back to you. The best way to do this is by placing quality signage throughout your outlet strategically.

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