Strategic Marketing Needs Effective Business Signage

Strategic marketing is one of the core reasons behind business success. We have a number of examples of different brands that cater to different markets. All being successful as they used signs to register their brand image in the minds of their target audience. Brands like Coke, Mcdonalds and Apple have used billboards and other relevant business signs to register their logo and corporate messages in the conscious and subconscious minds of their consumers. This marketing move has influenced consumers to such a length that even the combination of certain colours and symbols can help them relate with their favourite brands, creating a brand image.

This article explains the importance of business signage, which helps sustain the strategic marketing practices for any business.


Business signs come in all shapes and sizes. From expensive billboards and hoardings to smaller indoor business signs. They all serve their purpose, which is to register a brand in the mind of their audience. This means that no matter how much capital any business may have, signage can be used as a marketing tool even with limited budgets. Some micro-businesses even use planks of wood as their business signs. Similarly, there are no restrictions or standard practices for which type or size of sign should be used by a business. In fact, it’s a general rule that the more creative you are the better results you get.

Targeted Exposure

A business places its signage in carefully selected areas that will attract the most people who’ll be interested in the service or product this business offers. When a business sign is strategically placed, the result will be targeted exposure, and potential customers will be attracted to the business by just looking at the business sign.

Brand Recognition

A copyrighted company logo cannot be used by any other business. If a business that doesn’t own the rights to it use it, they can be legally challenged and face hefty fines. This is why businesses strive to create unique signs and logos that directly help their target audience to remember it and associate it with the service or product of that business. It’s not important to spend a massive amount of money to gain that much traction from the audience. A business must be able to efficiently and smartly place signage that’ll help the audience to commit it to memory over time.


Even if a business decides to use small signage to minimize their costs, there’s no limit to the creativity that can be invested in them. Imagine a business sign as a bumper sticker, it’s not expensive or too posh to be used by an average business, but it can convert your potential customer if it’s interesting. Modern business signages including digital signage have become really popular in smaller businesses just for this reason alone.


Just like there’s no restriction in the creativity of a business sign, there’s no limit to the innovative approach or practice you may have using business signs. Marketing specialists today believe in thinking out of the box to gain more attraction from their target audience. The result is simply an awesome business sign that can trigger any of us to buy something.


Another very important reason why business signage is essential for strategic marketing is that you get a wide variety of signs. You can get indoor or outdoor signs with different functions, styles and costs. Further, the signage itself is a one time cost, however it can serve your business for decades, making it a very viable marketing practice. It doesn’t matter what size or type you choose for your business sign will act as your brand ambassador wherever you put it.

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