Globally, the food truck industry is worth many billions of dollars. However, it is a challenging industry for food truck owners. Due to fierce competition, customers can quickly switch their allegiance to a truck parked next to them. This is why food truck owners go to great lengths to renovate their vehicles.

Expert sign companies can help food truck businesses attract new customers and give the business a unique identity. Food truck graphics are essential to your vehicle and can elevate your business. In this blog post, we will look at the most important aspects of food truck wraps. If you’re embarking on this exciting venture, here’s a list of some of the most important tips for designing a food truck wrap to keep in mind.

Go Big – Don’t Hold Back

Food trucks frequently end up in locations like festivals and city streets where people can observe them from a distance. Large font sizes and images make designs much easier to notice from a distance. Additionally, the height, colour, and font all play a role in how easily they can be read. Naturally, large lettering is easier to read, especially if it’s high up on the truck.

When choosing your font, consider bold, large fonts that are simple to read. Many people might find it too difficult to read small, intricate styles, especially those who have poor vision. Text isn’t the only element that needs to be sized up for your food truck wraps. Images, whether illustrations or photographs, must also be widely distributed. Showing off your menu is great, but don’t overcrowd the truck with images of every dish.

Stay Colorful

Bright colours can make your food truck stand out against its background, whether you’re parked on a busy street, at a festival, or at a fair. Remember that a food truck’s wrap colour will affect your customers’ associations with your food.

A neon-coloured item could be fun and vibrant for something with a retro vibe, while a bright green truck might invoke images of freshness and plant-based foods. Your colours should complement the theme of your restaurant. Be sure to not overwhelm your truck with too many colours as doing so may just confuse your viewer.

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Consider The Feelings Of Your Customers

In addition to colour, look for other elements that may affect the customers’ emotions. After all, a large portion of marketing involves evoking a particular feeling in consumers. Is your classic-recipe hot dog truck parked outside a ballpark? Or are you targeting a farmer’s market crowd, which highly values freshness and locally sourced ingredients?

Consider incorporating those qualities into your vehicle signs and decals. If you want to attract customers who enjoy fresh food, you might concentrate on enticing, clear images and green shades.

Outline Fonts And Expand Strokes

Your final vehicle wrap design will include a call-to-action, which may even be written in a particular font that goes with your style. Make sure to outline every font and widen the strokes of every design element before sending your final design files. This guarantees that everything will be clear when the artwork is printed in its entirety.

Design For The Brand

Sign and decal experts are well-versed in branding, particularly the visual component of developing a unified brand identity. This advice is merely a reiteration that a food truck’s design is only one element of a more prominent brand. Keep font choices, spot colours, and imagery as similar to other branding assets as you can.

Utilize Negative Space

The areas of a design that are purposefully left plain or empty are known as “negative spaces.” In a sense, giving your design some white space allows it to “breathe.” It makes it simple for the viewer to interpret and comprehend your advertisement, which helps the message stick.

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