Types Of Exterior Signs And Graphics A Sign Company Offers

Exterior signs play an important role in grabbing the public’s attention, crossing by your office or factory’s premises. Clients use these signs on the exterior side of their commercial or industrial buildings to let people know about their location. This blog will share different types of signs used on the exterior of buildings to market and bring about brand awareness to the masses, and not only to those who step in the building by chance.

Flat Signs

Flat signs are one of the types of exterior signs that promote brands outside the building, somewhere in the city, on the streets, and in facilities. These are signs that are flat and easy to install and read from the front.

The sign makers use a variety of materials to make these flat signs. There are many options for brands to choose the most suitable one for their requirements. Clients use these flat signs to direct traffic and people that are looking for the office or site of the brand. Experts use these to display the brand’s name and details, and the purpose is to guide people in the right direction. These signs are displayed on streets, roads, intersections, and other places.

Sign Panels

Brands can also choose from sign-boards made of different materials such as foam boards, corrugated plastic, aluminum, and PVC. These sign panels are displayed on buildings to let people know about the same building or premise where the brand is.

Sign Replacing

It is a common practice in the corporate world that businesses change their logos or add services and products over time. A business may even move the set up from one building to another due to expansion or a better business market in the region.

Sign replacing is one service that a professional sign company offers to its clients. It enables you to replace an older sign with a new one having the updated information and details that may have changed.


When it comes to physical marketing, you can use banners. Banners have timeless usability to market your brand anywhere you want. Banners allow business owners to market their brands name and services on venues of events and occasions held anywhere away from the office building.

An example of this can be annual functions, award ceremonies, concerts, and trips. High-quality banners allow you to have a fully customized banner of the size and specifications you want to be based on the space you have to display it.

3D Lettering

As the name suggests, 3D Lettering is letters in 3D form. It makes your brand name pop. 3D letters are more prominent, full of life, and easily noticeable. These hard to ignore signs are a great way to attract people to your brand. A sign having 3D Lettering easily overshadows other brands whose signs are in plain font and use an old school display style.

Window Graphics

If your business has a front that is covered with windows, you must not leave them bare. Window graphics are an excellent opportunity to protect these window panes with graphics that reflect your brand’s unique features, services, and vision.

This is an aesthetic way of marketing your brand on your businesses window panes. It looks stunningly beautiful and also protects the windows from scratches and other types of damage.

A Sign Promotion offers a variety of services to market your brand in a modern and unique way. If you wish to make your brand stand out giving it a competitive edge, go for a professional creative sign company near you. To get in touch with us, click here.