3 Great Ideas For Vehicle Wraps

Promoting your brand/business on the roads is always a challenge. In a situation where drivers are too busy to notice commercial signs, one clever way of advertising is splattering your brand on the exterior of a car with wraps which provide an effective way of advertising. They advertise your brand like a moving billboard, illustrating the products and services you offer. Here are 3 engaging car wrap ideas:

1. Story-telling

At A Sign Promotion, we believe in promoting your companies products and services in an innovative manner. We put special emphasis on graphics and visuals to gain your customer’s attention by doing something out of the box. It’s important to select relevant images that accurately present your brand. The entire exterior of your car can be utilized to create an eye-catching design. No matter what ideas you choose, make your car wraps memorable and exciting.

2. Make the most of your vehicle’s contour

Use every part of the car to advertise your brand and products. The wheels, for example, can be used in the graphics as a circular object which will begin to move as the car moves. This gives the wrap a 3D effect and people looking at it will be mesmerized. It is eye-catching and certainly innovative.

3. More images, fewer words

People do not have time to read a long passage, especially on a moving car. You have to realize that the advertisement you are making is for a car wrap and you only have a second or two to grab the viewers attention. Your vehicle wraps must be short and to the point.

A Sign Promotion

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