5 Emerging Trends For Digital Signage In 2020

Digital signages are undergoing rapid changes. Devices are getting smarter and more efficient. Display technology is expanding beyond 4K and 8K. While some people are concerned that 16K technology may not be perceived by the human eye, others are busy exploring new possibilities in virtual reality and augmented reality. Folding screens and bezel-less displays are also new and popular digital signage trends of 2020. Let’s take a look at these features one by one.

4K and 8K Technology

4K and 8K technology in digital signages will become commercially available in 2020. This means even more compelling delivery of your message to the audience. While 8K technology has been around since 2018, it will be embraced by more devices than ever before. In 2020, the market of devices having more than 50-inch display will have minimum UHD resolution (2160p).

Video Walls

In 2020, consumers can expect to see video walls taking over their favourite train stations and airports across the world. The trend has already started, but in 2020, we are going to see wider walls with narrower bezels. Many new concepts are pushing for bezel-less displays for even higher marketing ROI.

Smart and Interactive Displays

Beyond improvements in display technology, the back-end technology powering digital signages in 2020 is also expected to undergo serious innovation. New possibilities in smart and interactive display formerly found only in fiction movies will come to life. Digital signages are getting new multi-tracking and multi-point touch features like object tracking and pen tracking that will allow us to make even better applications that interact in real time with consumers. Marketers are vying to integrate digital signage and analytics to provide an all-around fully professional experience. Analytics solutions will actively support and influence the buyer throughout the buying process.

Conditional content is also being introduced in digital signages in 2020, meaning different content may be served depending on who’s looking. Key demographics like gender and age will determine the kind of content to serve, so for instance, separate content can be served for males and females.

Richer Display thanks to Quantum Dots

In 2019, we’ve seen QLED TVs with richer displays thanks to Quantum dots. Leading manufacturers like Samsung, advertise these products as QLED TVs. For those looking to achieve an even richer display with more vibrant colours, 2020 may be the year the world sees the QD LED displays for the first time.

The primary difference between QLED and QDLED technology is that the former uses photo-emissive particles whereas the latter uses electro-emissive particles and achieves more powerful results.

Samsung’s QLED technology is currently seen as inferior to LG’s OLED technology. But with quantum dots, that is about to change. Samsung is experimenting on achieving QDLED technology by replacing the colour filters in their QLED with quantum dots. The results include improved efficiency and better viewing angles. A quantum dot manufacturer that goes by the name of Nanosys claims that up to a 3x increase in brightness and efficiency will be achieved with this new layout.

The new layout, in simple words, means making the transition from photoluminescent to electroluminescent displays or from QLED to QDLED technology.

True QDLED technology has only been achieved in laboratories, but it is expected to hit the market in 2020-2021.

New Printing Technology will Improve Traditional Marketing in 2020

Printers capable of high-resolution printing of quantum dots are also expected to become commercially available in 2020-21, meaning more prominent colours across your billboards, banners and other traditional marketing collateral.

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