Safety Signs: Types And Usability

Safety signs play a critical role, though silently, in maintaining a safe and risk-free environment. From roads and schools to laboratories and factories, we see safety signs everywhere making us aware of various risks such as fire, hazardous substances, danger alerts, dangerous/slippery roads or, in simple words, remind us of things we should not or should do. Signage is an amazing medium that allows us to convey a message effectively through text, images or pictographs. Let’s take a quick look at some of the common types of safety signs and their usability.


Prohibitory signs give clear instructions on what people should do or in what direction they should move in case of a fire or any other occurrence. We can usually see fire action signs in a building near exit points or corridors. A sign with the red background usually highlights things that we should not do. On the other hand, a sign with the green background, mentions things that we should do in emergency cases. For example, a green sign with white cross helps people find first aid.


One of the examples of warning signs is the one prohibiting smoking within a space and we see these signs almost in every building. Warning signs, usually with a red background, indicates a prohibition within a certain space. Another example is the sign that stops us from entering into a dangerous or restricted area, for example ,a wrong turn on the road. Yellow signs in triangular shape provide information about a danger which is present, for example an electric hazard, slippery floor, dangerous gases, or risk of fire.


Mandatory signs are round shape display with a white pictogram on a blue background. These signs provide information such as when we should use eye protection, safety helmet, respiratory equipment, safety overalls, etc.

Emergency escape

Emergency escape signs are usually rectangular with a green background. As the name suggests, emergency escape signs help us locate means of escape, safety equipment or safety condition.

Signs, whether safety or commercial, should be properly installed and maintained so that they can perform the function for which they are intended. Signboards in workplaces should be sufficiently large and clear so that they can be easily understood and seen.

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