Your brand’s identity comprises a wide range of elements, including your principles, your target market, the tone of the business, and what makes it stand out from competitive services. There are several ways to develop and communicate your brand identity. One practical method is to accomplish it with the help of an expert sign and decal company.

Many sign companies will offer you a sign and then leave you dangling your sign. But is that really what you need? Here are just a few ways that effective signage can help you create your brand identity and favourable impressions.

Designing Signs Demonstrates Professionalism

People can tell you are managing a professional business if your storefront has attractive custom decals or signs. Think about the alternative scenario, where you have a fading sign that hangs unevenly and contains vandalism-related graffiti in one area. These features imply that you aren’t concerned enough to address the problem.

When you can’t even maintain a sign, people will rightly wonder if they can feel confident conducting business with you. Additionally, a sign can demonstrate to clients how sincerely you take your craft.

Making the appropriate decisions for the size, font, colour, and other supportive aspects can help your custom signage design have a better impact on your brand identity. To maintain the sign properly, you will need to budget both time and money.

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Promotes Brand Recognition And Recall

To highlight your brand’s identity, you undoubtedly adopt a variety of strategies.

Using corporate identification, branded stationery, providing content on social media, and creating a website that highlights your brand are a few examples.

Maintaining consistency can help customers recognize and recall your brand when it comes time to choose a bespoke sign.

Take this, for instance, according to a survey conducted by FedEx;

  • 8 in 10 customers (nearly 76%) reported entering a store or business they had never been to before based only on its signs.
  • About 75% of respondents said they had simply passed along information about a company they had learned about from its signage.

Signs make it easier for customers to identify your store, especially when it is surrounded by other businesses.

Signs Give Valuable Information

One of the best design practices is to make signs that people can see from a distance. It is important to have adequate visibility because many people who use it might be driving by at night. Additionally, you might run a business in a pedestrian area where there are establishments on both sides of the road.

Making sure people can read your unique signage can increase the likelihood that they will see it as they pass by. Making your sign readable also makes it easier for people to comprehend what kind of business you are running.

Signs Mention The Services You Provide

Choosing custom signs for your company involves adopting designs that are timeless and will still be in style a year from now. This implies that even if the sign itself is in good condition, you should steer clear of fashionable colours or other choices that may appear dated.

Signs are also widely used to inform customers if businesses are never closed. Depending greatly on who you are trying to reach, offering 24-hour service might make up a substantial portion of who you are. For instance, if you sell food, your company signage design might be a particularly welcoming sight for weary travelers.

Signs Offer Versatility To Meet Demands

Beyond the fixed varieties found on the exteriors of buildings, signage has many other forms. Additionally, it enables you to adapt to changing needs. This trait recently came to light as businesses implemented COVID-19 signage to direct consumers to hand sanitizer stations and remind them to wear masks.

With those signs, you can let people know that you’re prepared to welcome them and that you’ve put safety measures in place to protect them throughout the pandemic. Custom signage design also has the benefit of allowing you to choose the best location to maximize accessibility.

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