Tips For Choosing The Right Material For Outdoor Signs

Signage gives your company a visual presence among your market competitors and allows you to advertise your products and services. It is vital to your business and helps it to reach the status of a recognizable brand. Effective signage is equally as important for your success as excellent business methods, therefore it should never be ignored.

Choosing the right type and material for your sign will play a huge role in attracting traffic to your business and affect the sale of your products. A local sign company can also assist you in selecting the signage material that best suits your building or shop exterior. This blog contains a few tips that can help you make an informed decision about your signage.

The Type Of Sign You Want

The first thing you need to consider is the location where you want to display the sign. Knowing this is important as it will help you to select the right type of signage. You might want to display it on the front of your store or building itself, or make the sign stand by itself near a roadside.

A sign that is attached to a door or a window should stand out more, therefore, using a material that allows light to penetrate through it or a backlit sign is the right choice in this case. This will make the sign clearly visible at night and during the day. You can use neon or LED signs for window or overhead displays.

If you would like your sign to stand alone outside your store or displayed on a pole near the roadside, you need to choose a material that is durable such as those that form hard stakes, poles, and sign faces. Choose a material that is visible, especially incase of individual lettering that can be easily fabricated onto the shape you want while maintaining its hardiness.

Think About Your Area’s Climate

The weather conditions of your geographical location should be considered when selecting the type and material of your sign. Does your area receive heavy rainfall, strong winds, scorching heat or any other drastic shifts in natural conditions that can damage the material of the sign. Outdoor signs must remain attractive and visible under any conditions they are exposed to.

Sunlight is necessary to read the signs clearly but UV radiation can cause discoloration that can make the sign unattractive and hard to read. You should choose a material that is waterproof, UV resistant or unaffected by strong gales as required. Look into the material and see what fits with the environment of your location before finalizing anything.

Cleaning And Maintenance

One important factor that you need to consider is the cleaning and maintenance of your sign. It is not possible for you to easily reach your sign whenever you want as it is hanging above your shop door or sidewalk. Hence, in addition to considering the weather, you should also think about how you will maintain it. For instance, wood might need maintenance for protection against water-related damage to prevent its outer layers from wearing off. Moreover, the surface texture of certain materials makes it more difficult to clean them than compared to others. In this case, you may want to select a material that is smooth so that it continues to look spotless over the years.

Figure Out Longevity Preference

How long do you want a sign to last? Some people choose a material that they want to use for a longer time. However, most of the time, a business wants to attract a customer towards a new product or advertise a limited-time sale. You can create a temporary sign or a sign that you can switch out after some time. Invest in a cost-effective material that you can use for a short time to display your temporary signs, whereas a robust material should be your first preference if you want the sign to stick around for a few years.

Cost-Efficient Investment

You need to consider whether the material you want to select fits your budget. High-quality materials are pricier so you will have to find a balance between quality and price to make your final choice. A long-term sign might require a heavier investment but for a sign that you will display for only a few weeks should most definitely be less expensive.

Once you have an idea about the qualities you want from your sign material, you should familiarize yourself with the available materials out there.

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